5 Luxurious Basement Design Ideas

Luxurious Basement Designs

Are you dreaming of transforming your basement into a luxurious space that combines style and functionality? Freedom Design + Build, Inc., is your trusted design build partner for creating exceptional living spaces in Northern Virginia. In this blog, we’ll explore five captivating basement ideas that will inspire you to make your dream basement a reality.…

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6 Timeless Design Ideas for Luxury Home Remodeling

Luxury home remodeling

Freedom Design + Build, Inc., a premier luxury design-build firm in Northern Virginia, takes pride in its unique approach to transforming homes. Blending innovation, the artistry of craftsmanship, and the allure of timeless elegance, Freedom Design + Build Inc., creates extraordinary living spaces. We believe the key to a successful remodeling project lies in a…

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Design + Build Your Forever Home with Freedom Design + Build, Inc.

design build forever home

The desire to maintain our independence as we age while enjoying the comfort and familiarity of our homes is an inherent aspect of human nature. The concept of aging in place by creating living spaces that can adapt to our changing needs throughout life’s seasons aligns perfectly with this desire. With a blend of practical…

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What is Design Build?

Architecturally design home built into the side of a hill with a beautiful contract of natural timber, VJ panelling and grey rendered brick.

Design build delivers a seamless and collaborative approach that streamlines project delivery. Unlike traditional methods, design build brings together the design and construction phases, fostering effective communication and enhancing project outcomes. Whether you’re a homeowner, developer, or industry professional, understanding the power of design build will enable you to make informed decisions and unlock the…

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Whole Home Renovations in Great Falls, Virginia

multigenerational home remodeling

What is a Whole Home Renovation? If you’re thinking about transforming your current home into the dream home you’ve always wanted, a whole home renovation may be just what you need. A whole home renovation is a substantial home remodeling project that involves the complete overhaul of an existing home. This type of renovation is…

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5 Reasons to Consider Revamping Your Outdoor Living Space This Year

outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces are areas in which we can congregate and entertain our guests at home while immersing ourselves comfortably in the outdoors. From beautiful hardscaped and landscaped gardens to swimming pools and cabanas to an entire outdoor kitchen and dining areas, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Revamping your outdoor living space could be just…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Multi Generational Living

multi-generational design

Why are so many people choosing to cohabitate with their families? Multi-generational living has become more and more popular—especially in the age of millennials. Sharing a living space with your family can be both cost-effective and rewarding. With rising cost of living, an ever-growing population, and housing shortages, generational living is quickly growing in popularity.…

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Home Renovations in Mclean That Enhance Your Quality of Life

home renovations mclean

Are you considering making renovations to your home? Maybe you’ve been eyeing some new marble countertops and have been longing to renovate your owner’s suite, or maybe you’re planning a total home renovation. Whatever the case, a home renovation will not only boost your property value, but it will enhance your quality of life.  What…

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